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Asphalt Shingles

Available in several models and colors, asphalt shingles are the most economical and most popular choice among homeowners. The shingle is covered by a manufacturer's warranty with a minimum of 25 years up to lifetime warranty depending on the model chosen by the customer.


Cedar Shingles

Cedar is a green product, environmentally friendly and sustainable wood used for decades for its beauty and natural biodegradation. Eastern, or white cedar shingles are covered by a warranty of 18 to 20 years, and western, or red cedar shingles, 30 to 50 years.


Enviroshake Shingle

This is an ecological product that looks like traditional cedar, made of 95% recycled plastics and sustainable and renewable cellulose fibers. In addition, the Enviroshake shingle is covered by a lifetime warranty.


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