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About Toitures Pro-Tech in Saint-Sauveur

Under One Welcoming Roof

Our company was established in 1994 by Francis Brunet. At the age of only 23, he quickly developed a reputation for excellent service, quality work and professionalism. After two seasons, the Toitures Pro-Tech roofing team, consisting of only 4 employes, produced more than 100 roofs, the first in cedar shingles for the company.
From the humble beginnings of the company, Nathalie Hamel (Francis’s wife) saw to the efficient administration of Toitures Pro-Tech and supported and advised Francis through several years of growth and adjustment. Today, Toitures Pro-Tech consists of 25 employees, including 6 teams in the field. Together, our young and dynamic teams carry out more than 600 projects a year.
Laying asphalt shingles remains our core business, but the company has been able to add specializations such as roof insulation and ventilation. Installing cedar shingles, flat roof membranes, metal and copper roofing are also high quality services offered by our team at Toitures Pro-Tech.
An Active Member of the Community

Toitures Pro-Tech is also involved in various community projects every year:

  • Support for athletes in Pays-d’en-Haut


The administrative team at Toitures Pro-Tech:

  • Francis Brunet: President, CEO
  • Nathalie Hamel: Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Mary-Lee Brunet: Secretary, Payroll and Invoicing


The production team at Toitures Pro-Tech:

  • Francis Brunet: Technical Estimator




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