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Insulation and ventilation

Optimal Environmentally-Friendly Insulation


At Toitures Pro-Tech, in Saint-Sauveur

We offer an evaluation of your ventilation and insulation while simultaneously estimating roofing. Proper ventilation reduces humidity and ice formation and protects your property against damage.


We offer polyurethane insulation, for optimal thermal protection that eliminates heat loss and saves energy. It is an environmentally-friendly solution that promotes energy efficiency. It is used for its:

  • Excellent insulating properties (high R value)
  • Rigidness (will not bunch up over time)
  • Perfect airtightness
  • 100% adhesion to all surfaces
  • Use of recycled plastic
  • Control of radon


Contact us today to request a free estimate for your roofing, insulation and ventilation projects.

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